Making the Most of Being Stuck at Home

I promise you I will not use the word “Staycation.” There’s something about the clumsy portmanteau that bothers me, a lifestyle columnist’s “turn-that-frown-upside” approach to not being able to go somewhere. That said, there is plenty to love and discover on the Grand Strand. Unfortunately, Myrtle Beach’s exploding COVID-19 cases make much of this uncomfortable or undesirable. So what are we left to do? At our home, we’ve been trying our best to turn our backyard into a place for family fun and relaxation.

A Backyard for Fun and Relaxation

These backyard activities are all inexpensive ways to add some fun and enjoyment to what could be an entire summer at home.

Water Sports: Since our community pool and closed and the beaches are crowded, we’ve decided to bring as much water fun to our backyard as possible. Pool contractors are booked this summer, so we went the cheap blow-up pool and a slip-n-slide with extra dish soap route. Guess what? The kids are thrilled and laughing. When it gets too hot on the patio, I move the lawn chair under the sprinkler and grab another cold drink. If I close my eyes, I can imagine that I’m somewhere else!

Backyard fun in the pool.

Gardening: If you are a gardener, then you already know the joys. But for those who don’t think they have a green thumb, there are wonderful kits for starting an edible garden. You just might convince your kids to expand their palates when they pick their own vegetables. Planting butterfly bushes and flowers for nectar-loving hummingbirds has made our backyard an oasis for wildlife. When a new species we don’t recognize approaches, we head to the Cornell Ornithology website to see if we can identify it together. It’s almost like we are making up for all those online science lessons the kids hurried through this past spring.

Backyard gardening for relaxation, fun, food, and wildlife.

Comfortable Furniture: A hammock and some comfortable cushioned patio chairs does wonders after a day hunched over a laptop. The Pawleys Island hammock shop has plenty of options including hammock stands for those without two trees nearby. If you have it in your budget, adding an outdoor dining or cooking station can change up dinner enough to make things feel new and fun. Since adding new furniture, we find ourselves staying outside late into the evening, doing things other than stare at devices.

Lawn Games: Some of my fondest vacation memories from my childhood include never-ending bocce games on the beach. Whether it’s cornhole, bocce, badminton, or volleyball, games are a great way to get outside. In addition to having fun, it’s also a way to get up and get some exercise.

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