The “boho-chic” trend is popular for a reason. It’s light, bright, and comfortable, and you don’t need to be Stevie Nicks to enjoy it and make it your own. The bohemian style brings a sense of adventure and travel, but always in a laid-back way.

“The boho chic style is perfect for a beach home or coastal getaway,” says Odom Design’s Malcolm Odom. “Pairing white paints, natural woods and textures, with splashes of color and pattern in decor is the perfect recipe for relaxation.” Read on below to discover the fundamentals for creating a “boho chic” beach style of your own.

Boho chic beach style for Myrtle Beach
Photo from The Glitter Guide

Start with a White Base

White paint for walls and/or floors is essential for a coastal “boho” style. Stark white works well in coastal areas–it’s light, cool, and clean. For the boho beach style, the white background acts like a stark canvas, allowing decor, textured rugs, and plants to pop out.

Think About Space and Geometry

When picking out pieces of furniture and decor, think about your space in levels. You’ll want to draw the eye to interesting patterns, colors, and textures at different levels without making a space feel cluttered. Think about one or two items at different heights and in different places around the room. A hanging plant at head height, a woven rug on the ground, and a colored piece of decor at waist height can make your room interesting without feeling busy.

Add Life to Your Home

The best way to bring a “free spirit” vibe to your beach home is to bring life into it. Adding leafy green plants, grasses, and smaller plants like succulents. Be creative and choose plants that complement and contrast each other. A bright, bold plant may stand out amongst ferns and greens. Bring plants in at various heights–on the floor, on tables, or hanging from the ceiling. Add texture to the room with different styles of clay pots. The clean, white background will accentuate the living things in your room and make it feel light and airy.

Boho Chic Recycle and Upcycle It

Part of the fun of the “boho beach” style is bringing in older items, antiques, and interesting finds from second hand stores. The goal is to bring these items in sparingly so the room doesn’t feel cluttered. Look for things that stand out against the white of the room. A colored and patterned piece of Pyrex from the ’60s can fit right in amongst the plants. These antiques work as artifacts in a way, and part of the charm of the boho-style is the sense that much of the room was picked up and pieced together from journeys through life.

Get Custom Design and Style in Myrtle Beach

Odom Design specializes in custom design-build projects in the greater Myrtle Beach area. We bring an artist’s eye to each project, blending structural design and functional aesthetics. If you are interested in the style described above, contact us and we can make this design come to life for you.