Built-in grill and outdoor kitchen area

Fresh Air Cooking and Dining with a Built-in Grill

Myrtle Beach’s climate is wonderful for near year-round outdoor cooking and dining. A built-in grill and cooking station is a great addition to your patio or backyard. Keep all the cooking and dining outside and enjoy good company and South Carolina’s temperate seasons. In this blog we’ll give you an overview of some of the things you’ll need to consider. Remember that Odom Design is a full-service design-build company that can handle all hardscaping, landscaping, and required permits for home projects of any size.

Consider the Scope of Outdoor Cooking Area Project

Consider what you want and how much you want to invest in your built-in grill and dining area. If you already have a patio you enjoy and a gas grill with a small, refillable propane tank, you can build a custom cooking station around the grill for relatively little expense.

In getting started, think about the size of your outdoor space, the number of people that will likely be sharing cooking duties, and the number of people dining. Odom Design works with clients to use space effectively and create design features to distinguish cooking and eating areas.

Yard or patio size is an important factor. Large, open patios allow for a more sprawling design, but tighter spaces can often make natural entertaining spaces. In either case, it’s good to create natural or structural boundaries through landscaping, garden boxes, pergolas, or existing structures. Believe it or not, but people tend to enjoy themselves more with proper “entertaining density.” It’s the same phenomena that makes people move toward the kitchen as a house party starts to dwindle.

Pick the Perfect Materials for Your Outdoor Grilling and Dining Area

Obviously untreated woods will not last very long. Whatever your style, choose materials that will hold up well in Myrtle Beach weather with rain, salt air, and high humidity. Choosing materials that are aesthetically pleasing and also easy to clean is ideal. Whether you like a combination traditional hardwood and stone, or the raw, minimalistic look of a concrete countertop, pick materials that will work for you and complement the exterior style of your home.

Odom Design also believes in selecting materials that fit your landscape and the natural environment. We consider landscape design as an integrate component of any outdoor project and we look for hardscaping to complement the natural features present in your yard.

Refillable Propane or Direct Line

While a 15-pound refillable propane tank is inexpensive, tying a direct fuel line to your grilling and cooking station is both more convenient and opens up opportunities for additional cooking appliances should you want to create a more fully-featured outdoor kitchen.

You will need permits to bring direct fuel or electrical lines to your outdoor grill or cook station, so working with a licensed builder like Odom Design is helpful. We handle all permitting and work with licensed teams to ensure your built-in cooking and dining area is safe and meets all national, South Carolina, and Horry County building codes.

Putting it All Together

Odom Design works with customers on interior and exterior design options. We build mood and style boards with clients and suggest patio furniture, decor, and lighting to complement the look and feel of their built-in grill and patio.

To get inspired, check out our Pinterest and Houzz boards to find inspiration for your next home project, then give us a call!