Charleston Single House: Traditional Style with Modern Appeal

If you are looking for regional architecture from the area, look no further than the Charleston single house. Also known as a half-house, this distinct home is native to Charleston, but it is also common in Myrtle Beach and elsewhere along the South Carolina coast.

These tall, long, and narrow homes often borrow exterior features and flourishes from 18th and 19th century styles including Federalist and Greek Revival. Most notably, these stately residences boast a street-facing front door that open not to a foyer, but a long covered porch, or piazza. These long porches (usually tiered on both floors) allow for outdoor living and entertaining.

The “true” front door to the home interior is the one on the other side of the piazza. One reason this style has been so popular in South Carolina is that it allows for generous cross-breezes to cool the home in warm months.

Simple Floor Plans for Functional and Style

The common interior to a single house are rooms the width of the house, each opening in to each other. A door on the long-side of the home usually opens to a foyer with a stairwell. From the foyer, to one side is a bedroom, and to the other the kitchen and living rooms.

Although it may sound like narrow, galley-style living, it’s not. Rooms have high ceilings, many windows, and open archways that open up spaces for modern living. The style has become incredibly popular both in the city and outside. The traditional narrow single house can easily add additions and extra living space.

One fun fact about Charleston single houses is the paint color on the ceiling of the piazza. Usually an aqua-blue, the color is known as “Haint blue.” Regionally, a haint is another word for a spirit. According to early South Carolinians, the “haint blue” color wards off spirits from visiting your home. The haint blue is still used on many single-houses today.

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If you are looking for a home with some traditional style and regional roots, the Charleston single house is a classic design with modern appeal. Odom Design has created a Pinterest board for the Charleston single-house to give you an idea of the home and how it can be designed. From there, you can also explore our other boards to see other southern home styles.

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