COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop the Design-Build Market

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected nearly every industry in some way. Despite concerns about the housing market, recent news indicates that the Myrtle Beach real estate market is actually doing fairly well despite the circumstances. With mortgage rates under 4%, folks are taking advantage of this time and moving, building, and refinancing.

The Department of Homeland Security deems housing an industry critical to our nation’s infrastructure workforce. Anecdotal evidence and the parking lots of Lowes and Home Depot also show that many are taking this time to do smaller home improvements.

Planning at Home and Online

Your quarantined time at home may give you reason to start looking at remodeling or redesigning. For some, working from home further accentuates flaws or home elements one wishes were different: a more open floorplan, a larger kitchen, a dedicated office space, etc.

While we love meeting with our clients and partners face-to-face, the reality is much of our collaboration can happen online. For those interested in getting the ball rolling, Odom Design can get started remotely. Virtual meetings, design boards, and location tours can all occur safely online.

Myrtle Beach floorplan

Steps Odom Design is Taking for Health Safety

While we’re still designing and building, our work has changed in order to protect the health and wellness of our employees and clients. Here’s what we’re doing to stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Jobsite Safety: Emphasis on social distancing, limiting contact, and protective equipment. We carefully follow CDC recommendations.
  • Online Communications: If we don’t need to meet, we won’t. We use technology to tour, meet, and collaborate when possible.
  • Committed Partners: We work with partners who share our values and concerns about safety.

If you are considering a design-build home or even a remodel or renovation, now is a good time to start planning. Visit our Pinterest and Houzz boards for inspiration. Share your dream elements with us, and let’s get started on your project.