Myrtle Beach floorplan

A Myrtle Beach Floor Plan Designed for You

Working with a custom builder gives you the freedom to choose. If you’ve started looking at homes in the Myrtle Beach area, you’ve no doubt been exposed to the many “big box” builders. These national companies buy large tracts of land to subdivide into neighbors comprising hundreds of homes, all slight variations on a handful of floorplans. In this post, we will help you get the ball rolling for thinking about a Myrtle Beach floorplan.

If you are looking for a custom-built Myrtle Beach home, you are looking for more than a floor plan that will work, that is suitable. A custom-built home is the equivalent of a tailor-made suit instead of one off the rack in your general size. Your Myrtle Beach floorplan should be tailored to you. You are not simply looking for a home that has enough space for you; you are looking for a home with spaces designed for you.

How To Start Floorplan Considerations

If you’ve started out by Googling “floorplan” plus a descriptor (open, single-story, etc), you’ll be inundated with thousands of plans on the first page of search results. To make matters worse, many will be sites looking to sell you plans via pop-ups and email subscription ads. 

Instead of searching through pages of results to find something that “looks interesting,” start with what you know: your current layout. Many homeowners looking for a custom floorplan in Myrtle Beach are moving for a reason: better quality of life, downsizing, looking for more room, among others. 

To begin, start by taking a survey of your current home whether it’s one you own or rent. What is missing and what is needed? Are some areas too tight, are some rooms ill-suited for how you’d like to use them? Or, are some areas simply unused or under-used? Starting with these questions will give you an idea not only of desired size (total square footage), but it will also ask you to think about spaces that could be more functional by making them bigger or smaller.

Think About Purpose and Living

As fun as it is to gaze at photos of staged homes on Houzz, it usually doesn’t reflect the reality of everyday life for most homeowners. (Where is all there stuff!?) Consider your lifestyle, hobbies, and possessions. Do you need a mudroom for getting ready for the beach or tennis? Extra storage for specific things (a large Christmas decoration collection)? Or room for children or grandchildren to visit and stay when vacationing in Myrtle Beach? 

Research shows that when people remodel and redesign, they focus on kitchens. If you have an unused formal dining room in your current home, consider that when dreaming up floorplan ideas. You may choose to double the size of your kitchen with an eat-in area, or create a playroom or office nook nearby. A quality design-build team will help you ask the right questions. Then they’ll use your answers to put together a floorplan draft.

Think About Life in 5-10 Years

Myrtle Beach is a popular retirement and second home region. Customers build here sometimes with plans for future generations, especially retirees with grandchildren on the way. Whether you plan to grow your family or anticipate an empty nest, think about space now and in the future. 

A good designer can help you with a layout that can accommodate a changing household. Your floorplan should consider how rooms may be converted in the future. Could this office convert to a bedroom, or vice versa? This type of forward-thinking with a custom floorplan will ensure you are happy with your home for years to come.

Odom Design for Custom Floorplans in Myrtle Beach

So, whether you’ve dreamed up your own floorplan, found one online to customize, or would like our team to lead you through the process, Odom Design is dedicated to building custom homes designed for their owners.

If you are new to the custom-build process, don’t get overwhelmed by the choices. Since many find the process challenging, Odom Design aims to make building a custom home enjoyable and easy. We’ve designed and built a variety of residences across the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area, and we’re happy to arrange an initial meeting and tour so you can learn about how we approach each project. Let’s chat and start imagining your new home together.