First Impression at the Front Porch

Whether you are looking to add a little curb appeal to your home, or trying to maximize your enjoyment, a welcoming front porch goes a long way. It’s proven that key exterior touches can add value to your home, but we think a front porch upgrade should be done for your own enjoyment. In a time when the COVID-19 virus has many of us staying at home, the front porch has become a destination to break up the day and get some fresh air.

Springtime in Myrtle Beach brings temperate weather, sunny days, and beautiful sunsets. Tackle our list below to create a welcoming front porch to relish the South Carolina weather and enjoy one another’s company.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Porch More Inviting and Enjoyable

  1. Plants: Adding color and life to your porch is an easy way to draw eyes and make your porch feel like a relaxing respite from the indoors. Mix and match flowering plants with green grasses and ferns. Depending on your porch layout, you can play with pots of various sizes as well as hanging baskets. As an added bonus, a screen of green will make your porch feel cozier and more private.
  2. Furniture: Investing in attractive and comfortable out door furniture will make you want to spend more time outdoors. Whether you choose classic rockers or cushioned club chairs, choose furniture that make relaxation and conversation easy. For larger porches, consider a swing and small tables to hold drinks, books, and devices should you want to take your work-from-home outdoors.
  3. Ceiling Fan: To get the most out of your front porch, add an outdoor ceiling fan. Myrtle Beach summer nights can still be unbearably hot, and moving air can go a long way to making things more comfortable. Outdoor ceiling fans come in a plethora of styles, so choose one that complements your exterior style.
  4. Paint and Color: If your exterior is a more neutral color, be bold with your front door, and vice versa. Use your door and trim paint color to guide color choices for furniture and outdoor pillows. Add more color with a complementary outdoor rug or door mat.
  5. Lighting: Create mood and ambiance with effective outdoor lighting on and around your porch. In addition to lighting by your door and home number, add soft lighting to create a warm and inviting mood. Spot lighting around landscaping creates an enjoyable outdoor atmosphere that will have you chatting outside into the night instead of scrolling through the blue light on your phone.
Craftsman Style Beach Home photo with inviting Front Porch

Get into the Porch Life

Has the current quarantine at home left you looking for fun home improvement projects? Your front porch is an easy place to start. Some added landscape lighting, greenery, and comfortable furniture can quickly transform how you see your front porch.

Want a professional to do the job? Call Odom Design for custom-build, interior, and landscape design services in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. Let’s connect and make your home more appealing and enjoyable.