Custom garage to store a full-size RV as well as 2 cars.

Storage is a Top Priority in Home Design

When it comes to storage, Myrtle Beach garages do double duty. Unlike parts of the country where basements are common, slab or stilt foundations means that the garage becomes a central storing place. Whether it’s seasonal decorations, sporting equipment, or something else, the standard two-car garage leaves little room for the active family. If you are building new or looking to renovate, Odom Design can help you build the garage of your dreams.

The Modern Garage is More than a Home for Cars

Did you know that Google was started in a garage? In the era of DIY passion projects, weekend warriors, and multi-sport families, the garage is not just a place for cars. It’s a place to keep your hobbies, sports, and projects. Whether you want a workplace for crafts or carpentry, or enough space for a mini-ramp, the modern garage is a makeshift living area.

One popular trend that illustrates how garages have become new work and recreation areas: the garage screen door. Strolling through my Myrtle Beach neighborhood, it’s not uncommon to see garages with full screen doors. You’ll find people working on laps, pursuing hobbies, or each settling in to watch a game on the wall-mounted TV.

One of the benefits is that you get separation from the house as well as exposure to fresh air. For those willing to sacrifice car space, you can easily carve out an area for your “man cave” or “she shed.” For those that want it all, a custom garage renovation can expand your square footage to accommodate vehicles and activity space.

Garages Designed for Living

One of the biggest benefits of working with Odom Design: getting a home that reflects your lifestyle. Whether you are a hobbyist, RV family, motorcyclist, avid hunter or fisherman, we’ll create a garage that can handle you and your activities.

The Odom Design team learns the details about the lives homeowners to find creative storage solutions that meet your needs. Let’s get the ball rolling on that home improvement project you’ve been thinking about. Call Odom Design today.