Flame from a gas stove.

Gas vs. Electric: Which is Best for Your Home?

Part of the fun of designing or remodeling a house is picking out new appliances. Appliance fuel types fall into two main categories: electric and gas. As someone who loves to be in the kitchen cooking, I’ve always been disappointed that my home has an electric range. While I like the easy-to-clean glass top and consistent oven heat of my electric range, I have always wanted gas for a high flame to stir fry in a wok, as well as gas’s quick heating and easy temperature control. If you aren’t sure which fuel source is best for you, take a look at the pros and cons of each below to help you decide.

When you think of gas or electric appliances, your first thought may be the kitchen range. However, there are also gas-powered and electric-powered clothes dryers, fireplaces, and grills. If you are thinking of converting from electric to gas, you’ll face an initial expense to have a tank and lines installed and tied to your home. Once you are set up with gas, adding new gas-powered appliances to a traditionally electric space will add expense since you’ll need to route a new line.

If you really can’t decide or want the best of both worlds, consider the dual-fuel kitchen appliances that combine a gas range with an electric oven!

Electric Appliances: Pros and Cons

It’s electric, boogie woogie woogie! Electric appliances in the kitchen and laundry room. Here are the pros and cons for electric:


  • Electric ovens are superior in maintaining an even heat, perfect for baking and broiling.
  • Electric ranges typically have flat surface tops, which are easy to clean quickly.


  • Electric ranges take longer to heat and offer less heat control when you need to adjust range temperatures quickly.
  • Electric is typically less efficient than gas in heating, so it may be more expensive and less environmentally-friendly.
  • Electric appliances always come with safety concerns, especially if there is faulty or frayed wiring.

Gas Appliances: Pros and Cons

Now we’re cooking with gas! There’s a reason why gas ranges are preferred by chefs. However, they aren’t perfect. Check out gas’s pros and cons below:


  • Gas burners heat quickly, adjust temperature quickly, and offer consistent, easy-to-control heat.
  • Gas is more efficient and more affordable than electric when it comes to your utility bill.


  • Gas ovens are not as consistent as electric, so serious bakers prefers electric.
  • Gas dryers can be more expensive, though gas ovens are on par with electric.
  • With gas comes the risk of accidental gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning

Whether Gas or Electric, Choose Odom Design

If you are thinking about a custom home or a kitchen remodel, you have many options available. Both gas and electric appliances have benefits, and either fuel-source contains a wide variety of appliances with amazing features.

Odom Design is your answer for custom home design, remodeling, and renovation in the Myrtle Beach area. We work with the area’s best team to build homes that are suited for how you intend to live and relax. Have an idea? Let’s chat.