Hardscaping and Landscaping Bring Enjoyment

Hardscaping is the general term used to describe all the built structures that are incorporated into a landscape such as your yard. These include patios, paths, walls, fire pits, cooking stations, and even waterscapes. Landscaping is all the plants, flowers, and living elements that work in and around the hardscaping.

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Happiness. This is the main reason to invest in custom hardscaping and landscaping. In Myrtle Beach, we are blessed with a temperate climate that makes enjoying the outdoors a year-round activity. Adding beautiful design and landscaping to your property is a wonderful way to spend more time outdoors.

Custom Hardscapes and Landscapes Start with a Design Concept

Planning your outdoor living space involves the same creative thinking that goes into designing a custom home. First, a landscape designer will meet with homeowners to consider the following:

  • Lifestyle and Purpose: What role with this space play in your lives? Will the space be for entertaining? Dining? Will children or grandchildren be playing here? Figuring out how the space will add to you and your family’s life is the central question to creating a design.
  • Aesthetic Style and Preference: Hardscape materials, colors, and textures should reflect your personal taste. The flowers, shrubbery, and other plants should display tasteful design and complement the design and colors of your home.
  • Soil and Climate: Finding the right flora for your yard means understanding your soil type. Our job is to craft beautiful landscapes that work well in the coastal South Carolina region.

From initial conversations, we will start with a sketch and move to a computerized mock-up of your hardscaping and landscaping.

Patio design and landscape design

Custom Hardscaping and Landscaping for the Grand Strand

Odom Design is your custom design-build specialist for one-of-a-kind luxury homes. Moreover, our mission is to impress clients with work that is as functional as it is beautiful, and this includes design concepts for outdoors.

So whether you are looking to build a purpose-specific outdoor space for cooking and dining, or would like to add some custom landscape elements to add some flair to your yard, Odom Design is here to help.

To learn more, visit the services section of our website, or contact us directly.