Most people need more storage. According to Meadowbrook, “Storage space plays an intrinsic role in a home’s resale value.” Whether it is finding a place to store additional cookware and gadgets in the kitchen, or displaying the ever-growing pile of books next to your sofa, we’ve all felt the desire for more storage space. An easy solution is adding furniture with storage capabilities, such as a footrest with space inside for magazines or blankets. Chests, dressers, bookcases, and hutches are often called upon to display (or hide) our belongings.

Sleek and Stunning Storage Options

There is another popular solution to your storage woes: built-ins. Built-in cabinets, bookcases, desks, and boxes can appear visually narrower than free standing furniture, making rooms look bigger. They can also make use of odd shapes or difficult-to-use spaces that may otherwise go underutilized, such as the space underneath staircases. These additions can also be used to divide spaces or to increase the utility of a room, like in the case of allowing your guest bedroom to double as a home office with the  addition of a built-in desk and bookshelves.

built-in cabinets and desk add versatility to bedroom

Built-ins aren’t for everyone

People tend to either love them or hate them. Those searching for lots of storage and character tend to prefer built-ins. Individuals who enjoy the option of rearranging rooms will argue that they are very limiting. 


  • Built-ins are visually sleeker.
  • They can make use of unique areas that may be wasted space otherwise.
  • Built-ins can offer rooms multiple purposes, like turning your living room into a library. 
  • They can save space in garages and attics where space is already limited. 


  • Built-ins cannot be moved.
  • Their design can limit the items that can be stored in them.
  • Built-ins may affect resale value.
  • The color of built-ins can drastically affect the feel of a room.

If you’re a fan of built-ins, give us a call to get started on building a home to fit your lifestyle.