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If it feels like there are too many cooks in the kitchen, you’re not alone. The most popular space to remodel is the kitchen, and the reason? Kitchens are King! Many homeowners strive to make their kitchens a friendlier, more open space. The good folks over at Houzz did some research, surveying homeowners across the country for their U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. The findings reveal that most remodels open kitchens up, removing walls and remodeling counters for improved flow with nearby rooms. If you’re looking for kitchen remodel ideas, read on.

The Kitchen Remodel is Still King

When homeowners save up for home renovations, they tend to invest in their kitchens. In addition to providing a reliable return-on-investment, kitchens have become high-traffic zones for families. The modern kitchen serves as a workspace for cooking and prep, a social zone for families and friends, and often a dining, homework, and working space.

A 2018 study found that the average kitchen remodel cost U.S. homeowners $14,000, making them the most expensive room to renovate. In addition to demolition and remodeling, homeowners also focused on appliance and finish upgrades.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout Wins

Of the study participants remodeling their kitchens, the Houzz study found that 46% were making a layout change. The most popular is the L-shape, which opens the kitchen up to an adjoining room making it ideal for socializing.

Kitchen remodel ideas include the C-shape with counters around 3 walls with an opening to an adjoining room. For homeowners with a closed off kitchen, some are removing a wall or adding double doors which create less of a barrier between cooking and living areas but still provide some separation.

Bigger is Sometimes Better

Over a ⅓ of homeowners in the Houzz study are increasing the size of their kitchens, often as much as by 50%. Given the all-purpose nature that the American kitchen has become, increased size is needed to accomodate more people spending more time there.

However, there are ways to make your kitchen seem bigger without changing the square footage. The latest kitchen remodel trends make use of creative storage and remodeled cabinetry to solve many storage problems for homeowners. A custom homebuilder can help you expand work spaces and storage with a more efficient kitchen design.

Make Plans to Love Your Home More

With the importance of the kitchen in your life, it should be a space you love. If you find your current kitchen unconducive, cramped, or cumbersome, let’s get the ball rolling on a remodel or renovation. The Odom Design team brings in a team of experts to maximize your space and design solutions for your life. For inspiration, visit our Houzz page or check out our Pinterest boards. If you’re looking for a professional team to transform your kitchen, give us a

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