Get More Enjoyment from a Low-Maintenance Yard

Mowing every week in Myrtle Beach, all summer long, is certainly no fun. The heat and humidity can be oppressive, and you can either do it yourself or pay for the constant cutting, whacking, and edging. Wouldn’t you rather spend the evening and night (the only time cool enough to mow) relaxing in your low-maintenance yard with a cold drink?

A low-maintenance yard uses landscaping and hardscaping to cut down on the mowing and weeding.

Patio, Deck, and Outdoor Living

Adding or extending a deck or patio doesn’t just cut down on the amount of mowing you have to do. It also can make your yard more enjoyable since you have a beautiful place to sit, dine, and even cook from.

A low platform deck from a natural hardwood is attractive and durable. Hardwoods like cedar and redwood, or alternatives like all-weather composites, will last a long time with little maintenance.

There are plenty of DIY platform deck plans online, and without stairs or railings, they are a great weekend project for homeowners of all skill levels.

Pathways, Stones, and Rocks

Take a trip to your neighborhood home improvement store to check out the variety of stone, rock, and decorative walkway tiles. Use these to create either functional or decorative pathways.

If there’s a well-worn path from the backdoor to a garden or the front of your home, this is a great place to build your path. In addition to adding texture and style to your yard, you are also cutting down on the amount of grass needing mowing.

Outcroppings and Islands

Expand the space around trees, bushes, and other plants by sculpting an island. You can plant additional low-maintenance species or use mulch or stones to fill in the space.

In South Carolina, many homeowners use a decorative “curbscape,” a stamped, concrete landscape curb to contain mulch or stones. Not only does it look nice, but it also makes mowing and edging easy.

Low-Maintenance Tall Grasses

Cut your mowing time in half without losing the greenery. Tall grasses like sawgrass and pampas grass grow well in our climate. They will need pruning once a year or so, but that’s a lot better than weeding and pruning every other week.

Tall grasses also make a nice privacy barrier and provide safe coverage to many songbirds in our area.

Planters and Raised Beds

Large custom planters make a great low wall adjacent to a patio, or a yard partition between outdoor living “spaces.” Whether you want to grow flowers, herbs, or even small trees, planters and raised beds are a great way to beautify your yard and also cut down on the amount of lawn you have to mow.

Landscape and Hardscape Design

Odom Design is a design-build firm in Myrtle Beach, SC that can transform your yard from a place of grueling labor to yard of relaxation. We work with clients to identify styles and trends that work well with your home and lifestyle.

If you are looking to re-imagine your yard and cut down on yard work, give us a call. Let’s start building your “low-maintenance” backyard oasis today.