Myrtle Beach Mediterranean Style Home in Grande Dunes

Mediterranean Style on the Grand Strand

Indeed, Mediterranean style is a popular home style in Myrtle Beach. From the luxurious and coveted Grande Dunes community to the affordable single-family homes in North Village, Malcolm Odom of Odom Design crafts Mediterranean-inspired custom homes of all sizes and budgets. From their open floor plans and clay tiled roofs, to their use of aged materials and earthy palettes, Mediterranean-inspired homes bring Old World charm to new construction.

The Mediterranean style home borrows from structural design of Tuscany, Morocco, Spain and Greece. Characteristics include the use of natural woods and stone, shaped tile, large windowed living areas, and cool, white exteriors.

Additionally, homes of this region center the home in relation to a courtyard or outdoor garden area. The connection to the natural world is apparent in all designs.

Mediterranean Structural Design

In addition, the Mediterranean home uses an open floor plan with large doors and windows opening to an outdoor living space. The design promotes cross-breezes, ideal for Myrtle Beach spring and fall when outdoor living is at its best. Mediterranean style often uses columns and arches, reflecting the elegance of the Spanish and Greek Revival movements.

Additionally, the Mediterranean style includes low-pitched, red tile roofs and stucco exteriors. While walls were traditionally built of adobe, modern construction can use a combination of contemporary building materials with facades and faux-aging techniques to achieve the Mediterranean look.

Natural Materials and Natural Colors

Features include red clay tiles, limestone, oxidized, aged patina and textured stucco reflect the reds, whites, and other earthy colors of the region. Inside, it is common to used natural woods and natural, found materials to reflect the homes connection to the earth. In any case, even in the heart of the Myrtle Beach, this style connects homeowners with the Italian countryside, real or imagined.

Whether an wooden piling or a wrought-iron gate, at Odom Design we relish the opportunity to work with found or salvaged materials, creating one-of-a-kind home elements that carry of story.

Check Out the Mediterranean Style

Odom Design curated a Mediterranean Style Pinterest board to get our clients inspired. Additionally, you can view photos of some of our past projects in the Mediterranean style on our website. Contact us to bring a little piece of the Old World to your coastal South Carolina home.