Backyard Party

Good Food and Good Friends is All You Need for a Backyard Party

All you really need for a backyard party is some good food (and drinks) and good company. As long as you’ve got your friends, you can make due with some plastic chairs and a case of beer. But it’s also nice to create a memorable space that feels celebratory and gives people a reason to come together.

A well-designed backyard and patio does this. If you are looking to create the ultimate Myrtle Beach backyard party and hangout spot, take a look at our list of must-haves below.

Outdoor Kitchen or Grilling Station

A simple gas grill will suffice, but if you are looking for an upgrade, an outdoor kitchen can help you take outdoor entertaining to the next level.

On the simpler end, consider a built-in grill station with counter space and cabinetry. To save money, you can keep the portable propane tank, but keep it hidden away. Built-in customization will let you store cooking tools and supplies easier, and you can even tie it together with a seated bar area for family and friends who like to hang near the grill master.

For a more luxurious station, you can bring in a direct gas line, refrigeration and custom countertops. All the conveniences of a modern indoor kitchen can be adapted to a year-round outdoor setting.

Hardscaping can extend patio surfaces and a structure like a pergola can help keep this space distinct from the rest of the outdoor entertaining or dining areas.

Comfortable Seating and Furniture

The ideal backyard party allows for comfortable relaxation and movement. Seek outdoor furniture that lets people sit and talk. End tables or small coffee tables make helpful places for people to congregate around and rest drinks or plates of food. Try to avoid fully reclinable lounge chairs. While nice for tanning by the pool, they aren’t as conducive to the kind of dense areas that make parties work well.

In South Carolina, we need to be prepared for the occasional thunderstorm. Furniture that dries quickly and holds up under intense heat is the best, so do your research. No ones want faded upholstery and water-logged cushions.

Music or Background Noise

It’s easy to bring a party playlist anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and a bluetooth speaker. If you are looking for something a little nicer, you can add an outdoor speaker system to your outdoor party list. Modern sound systems are small but can pack a lot of sound. Plus, speakers can be spread to areas around your backyard so all can enjoy some tunes.

There are other ways to add some sonic ambience to your outdoor party. A small waterspout into a pool or a custom waterscape with some mood lighting can go a long way to creating a relaxing outdoor vibe.

Let’s Transform Your Backyard for Outdoor Entertainment

Your home should be a place you enjoy. At Odom Design, our goal is to design, build, and remodel homes so they better reflect and serve the lives that reside in them.

Odom Design has years of custom hardscaping, landscaping, and pool design experience across the Carolinas. If you want to turn your backyard into a space perfect for parties and entertainment, let’s chat today.