What can we expect for Myrtle Beach custom home design trends for 2019? After combing the internet and social media for styles and trends that were buzzing in 2018, we predict that 2019 will continue our love of natural materials, and all things light, bright, and open.

Inspired by Houzz’s “32 Home Design Trends That Will Rule in 2019,” here’s what we think will be popular for homeowner’s along the Grand Strand.

Wood Grains and White Paints

Drawing from both an Arts and Crafts return to natural simplicity and the recent popularity of Scandinavian design, both Houzz experts and the Odom Design team predict lots of wood paired with white, grey and cream paint.

Woods with natural grains add texture and warmth to your home, and they can be a great way to add contrast to light cabinetry or wall colors. From natural flooring to furniture to accent walls or exposed beams, adding an earthy element to your interior is a great way to create a comfortable and lived-in feeling.

In order to really let the natural wood be the highlight, we find many design specialists pair paint in light tones for a relaxed, soothing environment. One thing we love about this pairing is how well it works in creating anything from “elegant farmhouse” style to a laid-back beach bungalow vibe.

Tile Patterns and Full-Tile Backsplash Walls

Custom patterned tile backsplash to the ceiling

The new trend for patterned backsplashes? Taking it all the way up. Many designers are taking the backsplash from the counter to the ceiling to create an eye-catching wall feature.

Designers pair the tiled wall with floating shelves for a bold look that transforms any kitchen from a strictly utilitarian cooking space to a focal point for entertaining and socializing.

In fact, kitchen renovations and remodels still top the list of most popular home updates. What buyers and homeowners look for in a kitchen is really an open space that can serve multiple purposes. The popular “L-shaped” kitchen opens the space up to other nearby rooms, really making it a focal point of the home. A catching tile backsplash wall gives it the interesting design it needs for that role.

Outdoor-Indoor Living Spaces

Retractable Window Door in Myrtle Beach Custom Home

One unique feature on the 2019 Houzz list that we’ve seen popping up in Myrtle Beach custom home design are rooms that open up completely to the outdoors.

As the Houzz team states, “a single door connecting a kitchen to an outdoor area doesn’t cut it anymore. What homeowners want is a blurring or inside and out.” As a result, many designs incorporate large sliding or fully collapsible doors that are wonderful for entertaining or simply bringing more of the outside in.

In one Odom Design property, we used a retractible floor-to-ceiling wall as a way to remove the barrier from the kitchen, dining and living room areas and an expansive porch.

What’s Your Favorite Myrtle Beach Custom Home Trend?

Have you noticed any recent trends in new construction or remodeling? Maybe it’s something you’ve found on Houzz, Pinterest, or in your favorite home and lifestyle magazine.

Let us know about what catches your eye, and if you are interested in adding a new, custom design element to your home, get in touch.