Myrtle Beach is Perfect for Outdoor Living

An attractive patio design and backyard landscaping are good ways to increase the pleasure you get from your home. It is especially important in a temperate area like Myrtle Beach, where outdoor living can be so nice for much of the year. Whether you are looking to build new hardscaping with a big budget or simply overhaul an unsightly concrete slab, Odom Design is here to help you make the most with your budget. Before you get started, here are some things to consider.

Patio Design and Purpose

We always suggest that homeowners begin with purpose. The goal is to build or transform your outdoor space into one that is not only beautiful, but also functional. Do you imagine large get-togethers with friends and family? Will the space be used for kids to play? What about outdoor cooking and dining? Creating a list of primary purposes is essential to planning the best use of your space. Thinking about purpose helps us brainstorm hardscaping and landscaping choices that suit your lifestyle.

Shape, Size, and Contour Create Mood

Playing with shapes and contours can add interesting elements that can align and delightfully contrast with nature. Whether you like the feel of straight lines and symmetry or more flowing, natural geometry, your patio and yard design evokes feeling and mood through shape and contour.

At Odom Design, we like to work with the interesting features already present in a homeowners backyard and build them into the design. In the end, the goal is to marry a design’s aesthetics with its functionality. We are always looking for creative solutions and ways to make use of small spaces, especially with some of the smaller lots close to the beach.

Materials Matter

Materials matter from both a visual and functional perspective. Hardscaping with lots of small children in mind requires a different approach to backyard planning and landscape design. While pampas grass is a nice option for some natural privacy, its sharp leaves may not be something children want to run around. The same can be said about building materials.

At Odom Design we look for the materials that fit your family and your purpose for being outside. Choosing from both natural and synthetic materials, we look for finishes, colors, and textures that work well with the existing architecture and the “mood” of your outdoor space. We work with homeowners to create options that balance cost, appearance, and durability.

Have Fun with the Details

Some of the most exciting and memorable additions to the patio or yard come late in the game. A small water feature or an area for birds add pleasant sounds and sights. Making your patio and yard original and personal is part of the fun.

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