Hurricane Ian, Water Damage, and Rebuilding

The past few weeks have been tough for the coastal Carolinas, and more challenges are ahead. Hurricane Ian showed us nature’s destructive power once again as well as our own structural shortcomings. 

To begin with, Hurricane Ian bombarded parts of South Carolina with sustained winds of 85 mph., more than 85 weather warnings, and power outages impacting more than 170,000 people. In addition, Georgetown County suffered an estimated $53 million in damages, while Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach suffered a combined total of $15 million.

When storms like these come, wind and flooding damage homes’ structures, forcing owners to restore their homes from water damage, mold, and more. It’s important to remember, however, that you can repair damage in many cases since your entire home hasn’t been lost. 

With that in mind, today we’ll discuss ways Odom Design can help you prepare and repair when it comes to powerful storms. 

We Rebuild with Change in Mind

If a storm damages your home, it’s time to rethink your floor plan and livability. 

Odom Design specializes in renovation and remodeling, focusing specifically on coastal living. Whatever the damage to your home, we’ll create a custom plan for you that considers factors like flooding, high winds, water movement, and soil composition. 

We Use Materials Designed for South Carolina’s Climate

Myrtle Beach and the South Carolina Grand Strand need specific building materials. This is because we’re right in the path of Atlantic hurricanes and experience extreme heat and humidity. 

Our flat sand and clay soils make it difficult for water to absorb and drain. In addition, the salt air corrodes common building materials that work well in other places. For these issues, a smart option is to renovate and upgrade with approved coastal building materials. Then, we can install the specifics, and our expert service will give you peace of mind. 

We Protect Your Home Better

Luckily, Hurricane Ian spared South Carolina much of the damage that places like Florida suffered. But the images of destruction are still a wake-up call to prepare for the future, and a great way to do this is by hurricane-proofing your home. Upgrades like metal roofing, hurricane shutters, and impact glass all strengthen the structure and protect you from debris.