Expert Project Management with Odom Design

When you work with Odom Design, you’ll receive custom design-build coupled with smart project management. Malcolm Odom has been working with tried and true partners for decades, and one of the benefits of an Odom Design project is the expert planning that comes with it.

The addition of project management to your custom design-build means Odom does all of the subcontracting with the specialist partners that deliver all of the custom elements and finishes that make your future home special.

Projects Stay on Schedule and Teams Work in Conjunction

One of the biggest benefits of having an expert at the helm of any large project is time management. Odom Design understands lead times on different elements, and works to find the best way to schedule project elements. This means that time (and money) isn’t wasted.

Knowing which pieces take the longest, and which are dependent upon others, is the trick. Odom makes sure that time isn’t wasted, so while plaster is drying in a kitchen, a custom tiler is scheduled to plan and start the floor while the plaster dries.

Like a veteran breakfast cook, you want everything to work in sync and to come out on time. With the number of specialists and tradespeople involved in a custom design-build, going with a company that offers smart project management is a no-brainer.

Projects Stay on Budget and Spend in the Right Places

Odom Design helps homeowners get the most for their dollar. This means making wise choices about where to splurge and where to save. Often, these decisions are unique to the clients’ styles and tastes, but we always want to make sure that buyers are spending wisely.

It’s also important that clients get a strong return on investment. The Myrtle Beach real estate market is strong, but splurging on a specialty room or appliances over traditional areas like kitchen may not serve should you decide to sell.

Odom Design helps clients navigate the many choices and options available. Regardless of price tag, we strive quality and craftsmanship.

Need a Project Manager in Myrtle Beach? Call Odom Design

Odom Design is offers project management and construction management services for our design-builds or others. If you’d like to talk about your ideas for an upcoming build or remodel, drop us a line.