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Remodeling is a great way to increase value, add functionality to spaces, and make your home new and exciting again. Whether you want to add additional living space, open up a floor plan, or rework a kitchen or bathroom, remodeling projects allow homeowners to make living spaces more functional and beautiful.

At Odom Design we love the details. Every family has its own story, and each home should reflect that. We renovate to

make kitchens more open to conversation and gathering, bathrooms more tranquil and relaxing, and living rooms more inspiring and attractive. A remodel project of any size can transform the home you’re bored of to one you love again.

Whether you want to create the home you initially dreamed of, or you’d like to renovate for new children or grandkids, Odom Design works closely with clients for a stress-free remodel that breathes new life into something old.