Kitchens Are Natural Gathering Places

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Ever notice how people tend to hang out in the kitchen in social settings. They quickly become focal points during parties, holidays, and large family gatherings.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many people will be spending even more time in their kitchens. You’ll also likely lament your kitchen’s flaws and poor design elements. Consider some modifications to your kitchen to make the next family event or party less frustrating and more fun.


Open Space to Congregate and Conversate

The best way to make a kitchen feel less cramped and crowded is simply to open it up. Removing a wall to open the kitchen to an adjoining room makes everything feel bigger and more relaxed. By removing a wall, conversations can reach across rooms, allowing guests and family members to socialize with the cooks without crowding the counter or appliance areas.

Odom Design has transformed many kitchens for this sole reason. Our team can look at your existing space and explore possibilities to open your living spaces without sacrificing structural integrity.

Countertops and Storage Additions

Short on space? Odom Design are experts in maximizing countertop space by minimizing or moving other kitchen elements. Like a game of Tetris, we play with space in creative ways. Removing a wall allows for a dividing counter. Opening up space may allow for an island for additional countertop.

Similarly, custom cabinetry and storage solutions can make storing small appliances easier, allowing you some valuable counter real estate when you need it. We love to get creative with storage, designing pull-out pantries and drawers that allow homeowners to organize and hide away clutter.

Upgrading Appliances for Entertaining

What appliances would make a large gathering easier for you? Popular choices include stacked double ovens, large ranges, and convertible compartment refrigerators.

Odom Design helps clients find the best appliances for their needs. We balance functionality with aesthetic, creating beautiful spaces that let you cook, chat, and entertain with ease.

Remodel with Odom Design

Odom Design is a custom builder in Myrtle Beach that specializes in design-build new construction, remodeling, and renovation projects. If the kitchen really is the heart of a home, let’s make sure it’s a heart you love, and one that will last for a long time to come. To learn more about our work, please contact us.