A Small Home is the New Big Home

The Myrtle Beach area boasts some phenomenal custom homes and custom home builders. At Odom Design, we are proud to showcase some of our stunning custom Myrtle Beach oceanfront houses. However, these often tend to be rather large and expansive properties. In response to this, we’d like to share our favorite things about smaller custom homes, especially those around 2,000 square feet (or less!).

Small (or smaller) homes are becoming increasingly more popular, and for good reason. Smaller homes offer homeowners a chance to simplify their lives and to live more affordably, two things retirees to Myrtle Beach are often looking for.

6 Reasons to Love a Small Custom Home

  1. A Small Home Can Feel Big: A well-designed custom home can feel spacious no matter the size. A smart design-builder uses space creatively to maximize a small home to feel bigger than it really is. Open floor plans, glass and light, and rooms that open to outdoor living areas help. When designing a small home, there are all kinds of tricks, from hidden storage spaces to retractible elements to convert spaces depending on need.
  2. A Smaller Home Lets You Splurge on Custom Finishes: You can think of this as the quality over quantity factor. Using natural and custom woodwork, high-end finishes, and luxury fixtures can get expensive and out of reach in a larger home. Trading space for customization and quality materials is an attractive selling feature for those considering downsizing.
  3. A Small Home is Easier to Furnish: Building small means you need less furniture and decor. A small home means you can purchase the few things you love rather than a lot of what will simply work. Impress guests and live in rooms you love by building a smaller custom home.
  4. A Small Home Costs Less to Maintain: Less square feet means smaller utility bills. In addition to spending less on heating and cooling, you’ll find that cleaning and general upkeep is less as well.
  5. A Small Home Can Allow You to Spend Elsewhere: Saving money by building smaller means you can either save or put it elsewhere, whether that means hobbies, travel, or investments. Saving money with a smaller home can also help you prepare for your future or your family.
  6. Building Smaller is Better for the Earth: Building small means you’ll be less dependent on energy, which lowers your carbon footprint and saves money. Also, you could opt to use some of the downsizing savings to invest in some energy efficient home appliances, materials and technology. You can take advantage of tax credits, too!

Odom Design is a Custom Design-Builder for Homes of All Sizes

Odom Design is a custom home builder for the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach area. Whether you have an idea you are looking to build or not, we work with homeowners to design homes that are as beautiful as they are functional, regardless of size or budget.

We use design tools and social home and design sites like Houzz and Pinterest to develop boards that reflect the tastes and design elements that you like. From there we work with your budget and needs/wants list to begin your custom design, with your input along the way.

To learn more about our process or to talk about your own ideas for a custom home, contact Odom Design today.