Southern Plantation Style: Residential Architecture of the American South

The Southern plantation style home is emblematic of the Antebellum South. They appeal to homeowners wanting architectural features reflecting history. These pre-Civil War plantation homes borrowed elements of French Colonial and Greek Revival styles. Ultimately, though, they became something of their own. There’s a reason why the sprawling Tara estate from Gone with the Wind springs so readily to mind at the mention of the style.

Plantation Style Doesn’t Mean 19th Century Floor Plans

Before getting into the some of the defining characteristics, it’s important to note that the the plantation-style home of the 21st century is rarely the domicile of Rhett and Scarlet. Furthermore, the modern plantation style home blends traditional style with functional design to meet the needs of our modern lifestyles. So, perhaps the stately columns, tall French windows, and stacked porches remain, but there is plenty of room to play with modern design.

Key Features of Plantation Style Homes

Some of the defining characteristics of the Southern plantation-style home include the following:

  • 2 floors with expansive porch and balcony areas for plenty of outdoor living
  • Symmetry, especially with exterior design elements
  • Deep veranda and classical columns
  • Tall windows with shutters
  • French doors as well as door capstones and moldings

In the pre-HVAC days, the plantation home windows and large porches offered residents plenty of opportunity to find shaded respite from the heat and to generate a nice cross breeze throughout the home.

Still the defining feature, the large, columned porches allow homeowners to slow down and enjoy Southern living, rocking in chairs with a cool drink and good company.

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