A Pool Table Room is a Room for Fun

A dedicated pool table and game room is a popular remodel in Myrtle Beach. Whether for yourself, for entertaining, or for visiting family and friends, pool table and game rooms are popular places for fun. For many, the pool/game room is a place to break from the style and design found elsewhere in the house.

Creating a pool table room is a chance to remodel and design with fun in mind and really get creative. It is an exciting project for young and old.

Planning Stage Considerations

Before starting, there are some important things to clarify and consider. It’s important to think first about room purpose and function, and to consider square footage needed and costs involved as you plan your Myrtle Beach pool table room with Odom Design.

Function: Will this room be dedicated solely to the pool table and playing pool, or will it serve other functions? If you’d like the space for other games, socializing, or entertaining, you may need additional square footage, especially if you are transforming an existing space. With larger spaces, it’s possible to creatively combine different functions into a single room, such as a pool table/game room as well as a home theater or an entertaining wet bar space. Considering function will help you and Odom Design create a plan and establish a budget.

Size and Square Footage: Sometimes a room can fit a pool table but not necessarily allow for anything else. It’s important to imagine your space with people, chairs, furniture, and decor.

The dimensions of a standard pool table are 4.5’ x 9’. A standard formula for calculating square footage needed to play around the table is as follows:

table + twice the length of standard cue to each side = total space needed for comfortable play

Standard cues are between 50-60 inches, so you the total dimensions needed so you have ample room to cue up shots is roughly 14’ x 18’. Of course you can find smaller tables and cues should you need to adjust to an existing space, but the point is that you should always consider cue length in addition to table dimensions so you don’t find yourself pinned between the table and a wall with the cue sticking straight up in the air as you line up a shot.

Also, make sure to think about space for furniture, storage, and additional room features like a card table or entertainment center, should you desire a multi-purpose game space.

Other Room Features

Many homeowners look to remodel or add a pool/game room that can serve a variety of functions. Adding a wine bar or wet bar is popular, as is a space for board games or video games. Working with Odom Design, we bring structural and interior design skills to the table to help you create a fun and entertaining space for family and friends.

So let’s chat and get started designing your dream pool table or game room!

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