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When it comes to home design, older buyers are looking for spacious, multi-level homes with first floor master suites. Why? You get single-level day-to-day living and the ability to have privacy from visiting guests and family.

Myrtle Beach makes a fantastic place to retire. With a low cost of living, miles of beautiful coastline, and an international airport, it’s an ideal place to settle. For older buyers or empty nesters with adult children (and grandchildren), building in Myrtle Beach is often an investment for future family gatherings.

Retired buyers are looking for the perfect blend of affordability, space, and proximity to recreation. Luckily, Myrtle Beach can offer all of that. If you’re considering investing in a new home that can double as a family vacation residence for your children and their families, here are the benefits of building two floors with a master suite on the first.

First-Floor Master Suite for Accessibility and Privacy

A first floor master suite makes sense for many older buyers and empty nesters.

Accessibility: With a main floor master bedroom suite, you can limit your everyday living to the first floor. Avoid stairs can greatly reduce risk of falling if you have accessibility issues or are recovering from an injury.

Privacy: Create privacy from visiting children or other guests with a first floor master and the rest of the bedrooms upstairs. Both you and your guest will appreciate a little quiet and distance at the end of a fun day at the beach or shopping. If you have young grandchildren visiting, a first floor master suite offers grandparents a needed quiet respite.

Age in Place: A first-floor master suite helps you plan for the long-term. “Age in place” is the term that describes proactive design in order to live in your home as long as possible. While stairs aren’t a problem now, who knows what the future will be like. A first floor master bedroom makes the future easier.

First-Floor Master Suites Have Disadvantages Too

While a first-floor master has benefits, it may also have some disadvantages, too.

Proximity to Gathering Rooms: A first-floor master bedroom is often close to a kitchen and central living room. If guests are visiting and congregating in these high traffic areas, it can be loud. A quick nap away from the grandkids is hard when your bedroom is next to the living room.

Distance from Other Bedrooms: While we listed this as an advantage, it could also be seen as a disadvantage. For example, if you have young grandchildren visiting without their parents, you may want to have them closer in order to monitor them.

Additional Expenses: If you are opting for a multi-level home with a first floor master over a single-level plan, you’ll be paying for it. In short, you’ll be paying for a split HVAC system and typically more square footage. But if it’s to be surrounded with family at the beach, we think it’s worth it!

Build Your Future with Odom Design

Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to build a beach home, retirement home, or family gathering place. With a low-cost of living and a high-quality of life, it’s no surprise that people are retiring here in record numbers.

If you are considering a home near the beach where all of your family can come visit, give us a call. We’re happy to help you consider options, and when you’re ready, we’re here to design and build your custom home.