Artificial Grass for Myrtle Beach Home

Artificial Grass Trend Growing in Myrtle Beach

In Myrtle Beach where lots can be small and soil sandy, you may walk past a property with a perfectly manicured green lawn and think it looks too good to be true. In fact, it may be. The Grand Strand has seen a rise in the number of beach homes installing artificial grass for putting green-looking perfection year-round.

Proponents on both sides of the “artificial turf” debate argue the merits of fake grass. In this post we’ll take a look at the most compelling cases for and against artificial grass so you can determine whether it’s right for you.

The Case For Artificial Grass

Companies selling and installing artificial grass are quick to list some compelling advantages:

  • No Watering: If you want a green, healthy lawn to last through a Myrtle Beach summer, you’re going to need regular watering at least every other day. Not only is this expensive on your water bill, it also is bad for conservation efforts.
  • Minimal Maintenance: In Myrtle Beach summer mowing, edging, and landscaping is brutal. And real grass usually needs cutting on a weekly basis. An artificial lawn means no mowing and very little upkeep.
  • Always Green: If you like the perfectly landscaped, premier golf course look, then you can’t beat artificial. Your lawn will always look great.
  • Improved Feel and Drainage: Advances in artificial turf have improved its feel and drainage. Even though it’s fake, it will feel soft to bare feet, and rain water can easily drain through the backing and infill.

The Case Against Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has plenty of opponents as well. Here are some of the main arguments against the fake grass trend:

  • Cost: Artificial turf with installation can be pricey. Of course this depends upon the size of your yard and what you feel “expensive” is, but the fact remains, its initial costs are more expensive than Mother Nature. That said, if you currently pay for landscaping, you may find future savings make up-front cost more palatable.
  • Health Concerns: While many companies will say artificial turf is safe for children and pets, health advocates argue that it’s too early to know for sure. The EPA is currently studying the long-term effects, but to this date, there is no correlation between artificial grass and cancer.
  • Environmental Impact: Fake grass may last 30 years, but then what? If it isn’t recyclable, it adds waste to the Earth. Moreover, an artificial lawn does little to support healthy topsoil that is important for insects, wildlife, and vegetation.

Is Artificial Grass Right for You?

There are pros and cons to an artificial lawn. Like most decisions, you’ll need to weigh them based on your own needs, wants, and perhaps values. If you are considering it, we recommend talking with more than one company in the Myrtle Beach area. And always ask for free turf samples to test in your backyard in your bare feet.

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