Going Beyond Drywall and Paint

Wall paneling or wall cladding like beadboard, shiplap, and v-groove paneling adds texture, emphasizes scale, and creates visual interest in your interior. Whether you choose just an accent wall, lower portion wainscoting, or clad the entire space, the modern homeowner thankfully has a wide variety of applications from which to choose. Even better, wall cladding materials have come a long way, making installation quicker and easier. Adding wall cladding can diversify your interior and give structure to spaces with lots of open wall.

Wainscoting, the process of covering just the lower portion of a wall, allows for contrasting paint hues to make the colors of a room more dynamic. And wall cladding can go beyond vertical walls. Shiplap and beadboard can both be used as a ceiling covering to great effect. In this post we will look at a few common types of wall cladding and Odom Design’s personalized approach to helping customers make interior design decisions.

Three wainscoting samples prepared for a client in Myrtle Beach

Beadboard, Shiplap, and V-Groove

Let’s take a look at three popular types of wall-covering.

Beadboard: Traditional beadboard is made of narrow boards fit together with beaded and beveled edges. Modern beadboard is sold in sheets that look like thin boards assembled together. These modern sheets are easy to install and can be used in a variety of ways. For a classic cottage look, apply beadboard wainscoting in white. Want to do something bold? Clad a ceiling with beadboard panels for a modern farmhouse feel.

Shiplap: The shiplap craze came in hot over the last ten years for everything from the New England country house, to a cozy seaside cottage. This paneling uses an overlapping “rabbet” joint and tends to use wider planks. Shiplap works both horizontally and vertically. It also has the ability to work well in modern and contemporary styles, making it a very adaptable choice.

V-Groove: Finally, like its name implies, v-groove uses a tongue-and-groove joint that, when assembled, create a V-shaped groove. With wider planks and cleaner lines, v-groove is good for covering large areas. Like shiplap, v-groove can look great in a modern design.

Can’t Decide? Odom Design Creates Custom Samples

Unsure what a space will look like with a specific wall cladding? Don’t worry. Odom Design can create a sample to place on your wall to give you an idea of the style. We’re happy to come up with several sample options to help you choose.

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