Wine Room Wine Cellar Remodel Myrtle Beach

Specialty Remodel: Wine Cellar

Remodeling and renovation projects are a great for reinvigorating your home. While kitchens and baths tend to big the most popular remodeling projects, adding or transforming a space for a specialty room can add entertainment and pleasure to life at home. A wine cellar or dedicated wine room is a specialty space for entertaining and relaxation, and you don’t need to break the bank to create one.

You Don’t Need a Basement for a Wine Cellar

Basements are popular spaces for wine rooms. The limited natural light, ideal humidity, and cool temperatures are perfect for preserving wine. Traditional wine cellars were underground for this reason.
But dedicated wine rooms aren’t relegated to the basement anymore, which is a good thing because there aren’t many basements in Myrtle Beach home construction. Almost any small space can be transformed into your personal wine room.
A spare bedroom or office, empty alcove, and even your garage can become a home wine storage space.

Customize Your Storage with Style

Odom Design interior specialists work with our custom build team to design wine cabinets or wine lockers to fit any style or decor. From custom designs from aged woods to metal and glass, wine storage should be functional and attractive. Odom Design specializes in one-of-a-kind projects, including found and reclaimed materials. We work with specialty woods and metal fabricators to create inspiring pieces of functional art. Wine cabinetry has a functional purpose, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing. After all, this is a room for hobbyists, entertainers, or just those looking to relax with a glass of wine.

Adding the Right Cooling System

To keep wine at optimal storage temperature, you may choose to go with refrigerated cabinets or to cool the entire room itself. Longterm storage temps should be around 55° F, so refrigerated cabinets or lockers are great for converted spaces or rooms that will also serve as an entertaining space.
Cooling and humidifying entire room can be costly, but a ducted wine cooling system may be the right choice for new construction and owners planning for long-term storage of a large collection.

Ambient Lighting and Interior Decor

Odom Design can highlight your wine collection with custom lighting and decor that fits the tone of your room. From color palettes to furniture styles, we work with clients building custom mood boards that we can work from when designing a space.

Let’s Create Something Together

Give us a call or drop us an email to talk about how we can add or transform a room into your new wine room. Also, get ideas with our thematic Pinterest boards or Houzz ideabooks.